Ukraine’s Annual Investigative Prize to Dmitro Gnap

Dmitro Gnap, editor and investigative journalist for in Kyiv, received the Ukrainian Annual Award for Investigative journalism, the Proxy Prize, on Saturday June 6.

Dmytro Gnap was awarded for his investigation of high ranking officials, who managed to get documentation for fighting in Eastern Ukraine without being there. One was actually on a fishing trip to Latin America while ‘officially’ at the front.

The point for these bureaucrats is, that they by getting documentation for serving at the front escape the socalled “lustration” of their activities under former president Viktor Yanukovych. Gnap also documented that even for soldiers who have been wounded it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to get these documents.

Gnap has worked with investigative journalism for many years and focuses on large scale corruption and serious crimes (murder, kidnapping, etc.). He was also instrumental in the documentation of the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s corruption, He has also provided a number of training for investigative journalists, not least on the SCOOP Russia workshop in Kalmar, Sweden, in 2014.

The prize was presented by SCOOP veteran Henrik Kaufholz from the Danish Association of investigative Journalism and consists of a sculpture and €1,000, money collected by Danish journalists. It was awarded at the Mezhyhirya Festival, Ukraine’s annual festival for investigative journalism, named after Yanukovych’s former residence.

You can hear Dmitro Gnap talk about his investigation here (in Ukrainian) and here (in English)

(Photo: Thomas Flensburg)