Highway to easy money

When the authorities have decided where to build a new road, the land tends to recently have changed its ownership and must be bought out for a high price. The new owner is not seldom a person or a company with “special knowledge”, making sure to be the owner the state is forced to buy out.

The journalist Alena Dudar in Kaliningrad has found at least 56 plots, often purchased by people with insider knowledge, between early 2008 and October 2016. The new owners made easy money. The state made losses.

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A Mess of Major Repairs

In 2012, the Russian regional funds were created to raise funds for the repairs of multi-apartment buildings. “No extra money is required,” was the promise to the deputies about the implementation of changes in the legislation.

A team of investigative journalists from Veliky Novgorod has studied the numerous violations done by the Fund for Major Renovation in the Northwest region of Russia. In particular, a company close to the former management of the fund received contracts for millions of rubles.
The three reporters, Elena Vaganova, Valentina Stepanova, Ekaterina Pereplavchenko believe that the facts they published in the investigation “Capital mess” should attract the attention of law enforcement agencies.

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