SCOOP-Supported Journalist Wins “Golden Pen” Award

Lina Zernova, journalist from St. Petersburg, has won the “Golden Pen Award” in the category for investigative journalism for her investigation about the Krasny Bor landfill outside St. Petersburg.

The investigation was supported by SCOOP and published in Novaya Gazeta and at the Bellona website. Lina Zernova documents how huge amounts of chemical waste is stored unsafely at the landfill and how it threathens the environment and its neighbors in the future.

It is the second time in few years that Lina Zernova is honored for her investigations. In 2012 she received the award XII Artyom Borovik for her story “Who will solve the riddle of the cesium anomaly?”, which was also supported ny SCOOP.

The “Golden Pen” award is founded by the Union of Journalists in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the Development Fund for Support of the media, the Northwest District Committee of the NGO “MediaSoyuz”, and the St. Petersburg League of journalists and Guild correspondents of St. Petersburg. This year the jury was presented with a record number of entries: 398 pieces of jouralistic work from a total of 125 newsrooms.

Read more about the prize in Lenizdat and at Bellona’s website (both texts in Russian)

Read Lina Zernova’s investigation in Russian or in English

Photo: Gennady Safonov