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Russian Investigations

The Expensive Cars of Ukrainian Agents

At the MezhyhiryaFest in Kyiv 9.-10. of June the SCOOP coordinator Henrik Kaufholz handed the Proxy Award and 1.000 EUR for the best investigation in Ukraine to Valeriya Yegoshyna.  Of almost 100 nominations a Ukrainian jury gave the award for investigation of the expensive cars owned (or maybe only driven) by the agents of the […]

Highway to easy money

When the authorities have decided where to build a new road, the land tends to recently have changed its ownership and must be bought out for a high price. The new owner is not seldom a person or a company with “special knowledge”, making sure to be the owner the state is forced to buy […]

Paradise for Roller Skiers, Hell for Tax Payers

It was meant to shorten the way between Russia and Finland and make trade and travel easier. But the 830 million ruble road (approximately 12 million €) is mostly famous for one thing: to be an excellent summer time training ground for Russian cross country skiers in Karelia. As there is almost no traffic on […]

FGJ and FUJ Leaving SCOOP Russia

We are sorry to inform you, that the Danish and Swedish Association for Investigative Journalism, FUJ and FGJ, are leaving SCOOP Russia because of an increasing degree of mistrust and disagreement between the partners. There is in our opinion a lack of respect for the core values and goals of SCOOP, and we cannot not […]

Hospitals Pay Too Much for Food

“There was not a day where we were not given cabbage! There was a joke that the head physician had a contract with a cabbage tycoon! And you start to believe it.” Hospitals in St. Petersburg, like all public institutions, buy their products for patient food in a system of public procurement. The system of […]

Who can Afford to Die in Kaliningrad?

The last cost in life should be zero for a Russian citizen, according to Russian law. It isn’t. In real life, the relatives of a deceased in Kaliningrad have to pay huge amounts of money to help their beloved to a decent place to rest. The funeral business in the Russian enclave close to the […]

In the Morning: Elections, In the Evening: Contracts

The regional elections in Karelia 2016 ended in a victory for the Edinaya Rossiya party («United Russia»), and in the year after the party also won the governor post. As always in politics there was money behind these results. In his investigation ‘In the Morning – Elections, In the Evening – Contracts’, the journalist Sergei Khorosavin took a […]

A Mess of Major Repairs

In 2012, the Russian regional funds were created to raise funds for the repairs of multi-apartment buildings. “No extra money is required,” was the promise to the deputies about the implementation of changes in the legislation. A team of investigative journalists from Veliky Novgorod has studied the numerous violations done by the Fund for Major […]

A Company Full of Empty Promises

The building site in Petrozavodsk, where the company Okhta has started construction of blocks of flats is polluted. That’s a fact according to independent experts. Okthas manager saw it the same way a few years ago and promised to removed the dirty soil. Since then no trucks have been driving polluted material off the site. […]

The Rise and Fall of the Shuya Salmon

The Shuya stock of Onega salmon used to be on Russias ‘red list’ and thus protected. But the famous fish was removed from the list 2004, and at first it was a success. In 2010, the total catch was – official figures – 100 tons. But since then it turned into a bad story. There […]