Repatriated Armenians Got the Cold Shoulder

When Turkmenistan became independent, hundreds of Armenians living there lost their legal rights to stay. The Armenian government and the International Migration Organisation brought them – tickets paid by Norway – back home, where everybody turned their back at them.

Valya Baghdasarian, who now lives in Sisian city, was one of them. She moved to Armenia in 2002 after many years in Turkmenistan:

“At the airport, they gave USD 100 to every adult and USD 50 to every child, and sent us to our places of residence, which we had left many years ago and where, as a matter of fact, we had no place to live. At the airport representatives of the International Organizations for Migration (IOM) promised us that they would try to help us through various programmes. However, their promises were never fulfilled. No one ever remembered us afterwards”.”

Susanna Shahnazaryan investigated the fate of repatriated Armenians and published her article in on January 26, 2011.

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