Prestigious Prize to SCOOP’s Henrik Kaufholz

Danish journalists collected over 2000 euros to support Ukraine’s first annual award for investigative journalism.

Henrik Kaufholz, one of SCOOP’s founding fathers, tonight (April 23, 2014) received the prestigious Carsten Nielsen Prize, awarded by the Danish Union of Journalists. Carsten Nielsen was the first president of the DUJ, and the prize is given to a journalist “who has made an impact on society or cultural debate or distinguished him/herself with a particular professional effort”.

The prize was awarded by DUJ president Mogens Blicher Bjerregaard, who stated:

“The Carsten Nielsen award this year goes to a person who is so involved in investigative journalism that he knows its importance for the development of a democracy. He knows that investigative reporting can topple governments and start revolutions – not that this is important in itself, but because people in countries, where the media work in difficult conditions, also have rights to get an insight into the decisions of their politicians.”

“Journalists in Moldova, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan know the recipient as well as we do – maybe even better. Because in these countries he has done a unique voluntary international work.”

SCOOP is one of the very visible results of this work, and Blicher Bjerregaard pointed to the work these months with Yanukovychleaks, which would maybe not have been possible without SCOOP and Henrik Kaufholz’ work to promote and develop investigative journalism and the qualifications among journalists..

The prize was awarded at the DUJ bi-annual Professional Forum with around 300 participants. In his thank you-note, Henrik Kaufholz encouraged all the participants to contribute to a sum to constitute the prize to the first national award for investigative journalism in Ukraine. The prize will be handed out the first time on June 6 this year, and Kaufholz promised to double any collected amount up to 1000 euro with his own prize money.

The participants more than lived up to any expectations and collected more than 2000 euros. All in all, a prize of 1000 euro is now guaranteed for the first three years for good investigative journalism in Ukraine.