Prostitution and the risk of HIV/AIDS in the capital of Togo.

Prostitution is gaining ground in the Togolese capital, Lomé and its outskirts; as a result the risk of contamination from STIs (Sexually Transmitted infections) and HIV/AIDS has become great. The investigation entitled “Conditions for protection of prostitutes in the face of STIs/HIV-AIDS » is a reportage which describes the conditions under which prostitutes in Lomé […]

The double sale of land in Togo

Every year more and more land buyers experience to buy a plot of land that have already been sold to one or several other persons. Multiple sale of lands is a criminal act but is common in the capital and its suburbs or neighbouring areas. This recurrence generates real insecurity in land matters and a […]

Management of household refuse and the insanitary situation in Lomé : Wasteful management of PEUL fund

In front of houses, waste bins spill out the excess rubbish rotting in the open without being collected. And everywhere in Lomé, makeshift dump sites spring up like mushrooms. A sorry sight which is blight on “beautiful” Lomé but which only adequately conveys the failure of the solid waste management policy in the capital. In […]

Why is education poorly funded in Togo?

Like several sectors of our country’s socio-economic life, the educational sector, from pre-school to the University, paid a heavy toll from the outlawing of Togo by the international community, from 1993 to 2007. However, unlike other priority sectors such as agriculture, health, etc., education continues to receive very little attention from Togo’s current rulers, both […]

Fuel trade in Nigeria, Benin and Togo – an unstoppable illegal business

In Nigeria, nearly 150 000 barrels of petrol are stolen daily out of an estimated daily production of two million barrels, to service an illegal business in Benin and Togo. The authorities in these three countries take measures to curb the phenomenon but in vain. The sale of petrol in the informal sector has resisted […]

The collection of taxes and unusual practices

Togo: The investigation reveals a number of unusual practices connected with tax collection, in four of the five regions of the country. These are the Savannah Region (Dapong), the Kara Region (Kara), the Central Region (Sokodé), and the Coastal Region (Lomé). Tax payers (traders, petty traders, motorcycle-taxi operators…) complain particularly of the mode of collection of […]