The collection of taxes and unusual practices

Togo: The investigation reveals a number of unusual practices connected with tax collection, in four of the five regions of the country. These are the Savannah Region (Dapong), the Kara Region (Kara), the Central Region (Sokodé), and the Coastal Region (Lomé). Tax payers (traders, petty traders, motorcycle-taxi operators…) complain particularly of the mode of collection of taxes, the corruption which reigns in the sector as well as the lack of information on the uses to which the taxes are put in the markets and in the informal sector. It is about practices which hinder the smooth running of business activities in the informal sector which, as a matter of fact, is more developed than the formal sector

By Andréa Magnim N’Gbanla.

Date of broadcast: December 17, 2012 on FM Lome.

Listen to the radio program in French La collecte des impôts et les pratiques anormales.