Seeking Justice

It’s been nearly 40 years since the Provisional National Defense Council took over large part of the Ada Songor Salt Lagoon, following clashes between the people of the area and private inventors.

The military government’s intervention has denied the people of Ada of their lagoon from which they fished and harvested salt. And for all these years since the land has been in government’s hands not even a pesewa has been paid to the people as royalty or compensation.

Now President John Evans Atta-Mills has announced government’s plan to make the Ada Songor Salt Project a limited liability company. Government intends bringing in private investors to partner it in running the new company. But the people of Ada are questioning their stake in the project. They say government must account for all the royalties owed them over all these years, first. Journalist Benjamin Tetteh follows the long quest by the people of Ada to manage their most priced resource.

By Benjamin Tetteh

Published February 2, 2012 on Joy FM’s Hotline.

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