Ivory Coast

2014 NICAR Conference

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The FAIRTRADE chocolate rip-off

The pictures of happy African farmers on the FAIRTRADE chocolate bought by consumers in the West are designed to make the consumer believe that the broad smiles are a result of actual fair trade: support and a better income. But this impression is false. Exploitation in the West African cocoa industry continues, only with a new […]

Death in the quest for gold

Sumary by Zoumana Coulibaly: Thousands of nationals of the West African sub-region (Malians, Ivoirians, Guineans, Burkinabes) all converge in large numbers daily at the Côte d’Ivoire-Mali border in search of gold, with the aim of making a fortune. While some of those “illegals” manage to succeed, it is not always the case for many of them, who […]

False results of biological and x-ray tests delivered to patients

Côte d’Ivoire: Instead of the ‘’service rendered’’ to enable the clinical physician to affirm accurately and without and unambiguously the diagnosis of a pathology and start the appropriate process for treatment, biological and x-ray tests have become, for the most part, ‘’poisoned chalices’’. The reason is that 2/3 of results from medical laboratories are full […]

What happened to the weapons of Gbagbo

In the eager preparation of the war, tons of weapons and ammunition were stored by the belligerent forces everywhere on the territory in deplorable conditions. Exposed to heat and lack of maintenance, these machines of death threaten the people’s security, and especially, the residents living around the camps and military barracks. By Jean-Roche Kouamé Published […]

The life of the Ivorian refugees in Mali

In the psychosis of the fighting and retaliations, they fled the country right from the early moments of the military cum political crisis. Today, a number of these refugees can still be found in Malian territory after more than seven years, for one reason or the other. Once received at the Loulouni refugee camp, some of […]