Sachet water production – a thriving business with health implications

Sachet water production in Ghana has become a main source of economic empowerment to hundreds of people nation-wide. Through the 500 millilitre square bagged water, many people are able to access and drink filtered water; some are gainfully employed with others, mostly the producers, using as a stepping stone to venture into commercial bottling of […]

Fake phones cost manufacturers millions of cedis

Counterfeit phones are normally concealed as part of high quality mobile handsets imported into the country via the Kotoka International Airport, Kwame Annor, a dealer of low-cost phones in Adum, a suburb of Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital, hinted to this reporter. The demand for high end quality mobile handsets has opened up a new […]

Is Ghana winning the fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases?

In the quest to eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases, NTDs, authorities in Ghana’s health sector have taken a lot of initiatives, but a lot more needs to be done and all hands must be on deck. Among the main problems hindering smooth-running of the programme for fighting the diseases are the belief in traditional methods and self-medication. […]

Battle over an orphan – Family accuses American Church over illegal adoption

Tension is profoundly mounting between two families over the adoption of a young but beautiful 13 year old orphan named Yaiyere Nagari. The struggle is between the Krobo Adusei family and the Nigmama family in the northern part of Ghana’s Volta Region. Members of the Nigmama family have accused the Agape Mission church and the […]

Where there is oil; there is spillage

Oil spills are avoidable but seemingly inevitable aspect of offshore oil operations as evidenced throughout the world. Is Ghana really prepared for any Catastrophe? The discovery of oil in Ghana in commercial quantities in 2007 and the commencement of its production in 2010 is expected to have a positive impact on the economy. On the […]

The FAIRTRADE chocolate rip-off

The pictures of happy African farmers on the FAIRTRADE chocolate bought by consumers in the West are designed to make the consumer believe that the broad smiles are a result of actual fair trade: support and a better income. But this impression is false. Exploitation in the West African cocoa industry continues, only with a new […]