Begging by false mothers of twins – fraud and violation of human rights

Begging by false mothers of twins is a growing phenomenon in major cities of Burkina Faso. Some women borrow children because twins justify the practice of begging, according to an old African custom. To understand this phenomenon which the law, religion and tradition forbid, the journalist spent days and nights in disadvantaged areas of the cities of Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso to observe at close range women wandering on the roads with borrowed twins.

Despite the prohibition, the practice goes on, and is even on the increase as the years go by. And regardless of the good intentions of the authorities, by way of social actions intended to put an end to the practice, they have been held back by the fear of social repression or the fear of reactions from society. It will be difficult to fight against it as everyone condemns the practice but no one dare raise a finger to say “stop”. Meanwhile the children’s right to a fulfilled life is violated. Immersion in a world where innocent children are deprived of their rights.

By Daouda Emile OUEDRAOGO.

Published January 24, 2013 in Sidwaya.

Read the article in French (PDF)  Mendicité des fausses mères de jumeaux – Escroquerie, usurpation de titre et violation des droits.

Read the online version in French De faux jumeaux pour une vraie manche.