Krasny Bor Landfill: The Chemical Chernobyl Is a Reality

Krasny Bor, popularly nicknamed “the Chemical Chernobyl,” is the largest chemical waste landfill in Northwest Russia. The approximate two million tons of chemical waste that has accumulated here over the last 45 years pose a real threat to everything and is located just a few kilometers from St. Petersburg.

In the early 1990s, the Northern Capital’s administration announced its determination to neutralize this landfill. It was decided to build a chemical waste processing plant on its territory. For 20 years, billions of rubles have been invested in its construction. However, the plant has still yet to be finished. In the meantime, the chemical waste has begun to spread into the environment, while harmful and dangerous material is still brought there.

This large systemic investigation by Lina Zernova – investigative journalist from Saint Petersburg – shows, that after 20 years the only visible result is the discussion in the media. There is still no solution to the problem, which poses a serious threat to the ecology of St. Petersburg and North-West. The chemical Chernobyl near Petersburg has practically begun. Who will answer for it?

Lina Zernova’s investigation was published on the public organization Bellona web page on December 8, 2014 and Novaya Gazeta in Saint Petersburg newspaper on December 10, 2014.

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