Illegal Drugs for Do-It-Yourself Sex Change

pasport31-year-old Iryna Bialcova (the name was changed for privacy) from Minsk, Belarus, had a sex-change operation in 2010-11 after heving treated herself with illegal male hormones. All the female organs were removed, she – now he – received a new birth certificate, a passport with a male name and a military ID. But later she realized that she had made the biggest mistake in her life. Today the girl considers herself a victim of the black market of hormones.

In Belarus it is very easy to get hold of the illegal hormones, and the black market thrives, and Iryna is not the only one regretting a sex change. Doctors warn of the consequences of the illegal market for hormones.

Olga Dzeksnis investigated the story for the Belarusian Journal.

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