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How to apply

|| There are currently no application dates for SCOOP Caucasus. Below the general rules: ||

For any questions, please contact SCOOP coordinator Henrik Kaufholz from the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism, FUJ.

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The general criteria for support are:

  1. The investigation should uncover new and important information of obvious public interest.
  2. The investigation is based on agreements about publishing in at least one and preferably in several media. All media – internet, print, radio, TV and multimedia – can receive support.
  3. The journalist already has key information (relevant sources, specific cases, documents), and access to additional information is realistic.
  4. The investigation must not present an unreasonable risk to the participating journalists or media.
  5. The involved journalists will follow professional journalistic and ethical standards.
  6. The results of the investigation will be published in a reasonably short time.
  7. The investigations must be submitted to legal advisors before publishing to avoid unnecessary conflict with the law.
  8. Published reports should mention SCOOP Russia. Exceptions to this rule must be discussed with the local SCOOP representative.
  9. The application must include a detailed budget. Allowed expenses are: Travel expenses, access to databases, expert advice, etc. Maximum support for national investigations is 2000 euros. Budgets of international investigations will be discussed separately.
  10. The application must include a cv of the journalist and examples of previously published works.

How SCOOP can help

SCOOP can help you realize your investigative journalism project in different ways:

  • Financial support to cover your expenses during the investigation, such as travel, hotels, expertise fees, laboratory analyses.
  • Professional support from colleagues in your own country and abroad
  • International network of investigative journalists.  If you need help from an investigative journalists in another country during your investigation, SCOOP has a global network of trusted journalists.

SCOOP supports both national and cross-border investigations.