FGJ and FUJ Leaving SCOOP Russia

We are sorry to inform you, that the Danish and Swedish Association for Investigative Journalism, FUJ and FGJ, are leaving SCOOP Russia because of an increasing degree of mistrust and disagreement between the partners. There is in our opinion a lack of respect for the core values and goals of SCOOP, and we cannot not lend FGJ’s and FUJ’s names to that.

We have made this decision with heavy hearts, because a lot of good results have been reached in the project. 108 journalists have received training in investigative journalism and published an even higher number of good investigations.
The SCOOP trademark is the peer-to-peer cooperation between journalists, in this case from Sweden/Denmark and Russia. This cooperation will not be there in the future, and any continuing project cannot bear the SCOOP name.
This website is for the whole SCOOP project, not SCOOP Russia only, and will remain for the time being.