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Ukraine/Moldova Investigations

New Hot Thing in Minsk: Sniffing

You wouldn’t believe it in a dictatorship: Designer drugs are advertised on the internet, delivered to your home in less than an hour and are – mostly – not forbidden. Reporter: Yavgen Valoshin, published June 22nd, 2011 “Invasion of “designer drugs:” How the dealer sold me some ‘euphoric powder’ is a story that shook the […]

Fights Corruption to Continue Corruption

A great cover up at the customs in Lviv in Ukraine has distracted media and public from the what is really going on: a “war” for the power to continue corruption and accept bribes.

Ten Years After the Land Reform

It looked very easy: Give land back to the farmers. But ten years after privatisation of the Sovkoz’es or Kolhoz’es a lot of farmland is not used at in the Snyatyn region inWestern Ukraine. The reporter Maryna Karasyova from Taki Spravi  took a closer look at the problem. It’s difficult for owners to get registered, […]

Rich Women hire Ukrainian Wombs for their Babies

After the publishing of the article “Surrogate Motherhood in Law. Who, why and how gives birth to babies in Ukraine for foreigners and rich Ukrainians”, young Ukrainian cheap jerseys women started an NGO to defend the rights to earn money this on way. The story – researched and written by the Ukrainian reporter Yevgeniy Rybka […]