“Editorial Board” Prize to SCOOP Coordinator

Anna Yarovaya, journalist at 7×7 in Petrozavodsk and SCOOP coordinator, has been awarded the prize “Editorial Board” for her longread “Rewriting Sandarmorkh”.

Sandarmorkh is a name that evokes associations with executions, suffering, and history. In 1937-38 it was the site of mass executions of political prisoners, and over 7,000 were murdered there and buried in 236 mass graves.

But in recent years local historians have claimed, that Sandarmorkh is also the resting place for Russian prisoners of war, killed by Finns during World War 2. This was supposedly based on declassified FSB papers, but Anna Yarovaya’s investigation showed that the claims could not be substantiated in the papers. Who is trying to rewrite the history of executions and burials in Karelia – and why?

Read Anna Yarovaya’s story in English

And in Russian here