Under the shadow of corruption

kyiv3More than 160 investigative reporters from Ukraine and neighbouring countries met in  Kyiv in the weekend 19th and 20th of November to exchange experiences and intensify their networking.

One of the burning issues in Ukraine, the comprehensive corruption in the country, was high on both the agenda and the mingling. On this there was a session on cooperation between anticorruption institutions and the media. Here the former investigative reporter, now member of the Ukrainian parliament, Iegor Sobolev, stated that the reformers in parliament now had succeeded in creating the tools needed by reporters to expose corruption: Now it’s up to you to use them.

The participants met the award winning American reporter Tom Torok, who used to work for The New York Times,  and the Icelandic reporter Johannes Kr. Kristjansson, who did very important reporting with the Panama Papers. Paul Meyers from BBC showed a lot of tricks how to search in the internet and reporters from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Poland, Romania, Georgia presented their investigations on issues as different as the construction of a new stadium, the fight against tuberculosis and smuggling of amber.

kyiv2This was the 8th annual conference for investigative reporters in Ukraine and took as in earlier years place in the conference hotel Kozatsky Stan. It was made possible by donations from e.g. USAID,  Canadian government, Internews, German embassy in Kyiv, International Renaissance Foundation and Politiken-Fonden.

More photos: https://irrp.org.ua/instytut-rozvytku-regionalnoyi-presy-proviv-vosmu-shhorichnu-konferentsiyu-zhurnalistiv-rozsliduvachiv-ukrayiny/