Child Prostitution Continues in Macedonia

Again, Macedonian public has been astounded by the news that two 14-year-old girls had become victims of a chain of juvenile prostitution. Six years ago in a similar case, twelve men were sentenced to a total of 65 years’ imprisonment for а child sexual abuse. Now another network was detected also in the same city, Shtip in eastern Macedonia. Two 14-year-old girls were involved. Viktorija Dimitrova–Jovanova and Vesna Kolovska investigated whether these two cases were related.

The reporters talked to one of the girls involved in juvenile prostitution. She started at the age of 14, when she said she has entered the prostitution “half-consciously”. A young café owner, whom she considered to be her boyfriend, started selling her to clients, and after a few months he was reported to the police. He was sentenced to 3.5 years imprisonment, but he never served the sentence, because he had run away abroad. The second girl is not alive any more. According to the doctors’ report, she committed suicide with an overdose of sedatives, but according to her parents she had been overdosed by the pimps a day before her witnessing in the investigation.

Six years later two other girls at their age confirmed to the police that they had been giving sexual services for money to men.

This investigation lasted for about three months and just like six years ago, the case was based on the girls’ statements. The girls’ age from the two cases is a pure coincidence, but the question is why is Shtip the only town in Macedonia where two cases of juvenile prostitution have been found and closed? One of the judges Stojan Mihov, accredits the merit to the agile police and the circumstances.

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