Central Asia Investigations

Smile, Pay and Get a Driver’s License

Natalia Viselitskaya from the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek cannot drive a car and doesn’t know the first thing about traffic rules. Just the same, she is the owner of an officially issued driving license. All driving licenses in Kyrgyzstan are issued by the Registration and Testing Department (RTD) of the State Department of Traffic Safety (SDTS). […]

Child-workers who don’t officially exist

Child labour is officially forbidden in Kyrgyzstan. But that doesn’t mean that it does not exist. SCOOP supported reporter Maksat Osmonaliyev went undercover as a porter in the Dyikan Bazaar in the Kyrgysz capital Bishkek and found out, that child labour is flourishing in the capital. Especially children from poor families are exploited by people […]

Buy a Driving License for $500

Almost every day someone dies in a car accident on the roads of Tajikistan. One of the main reasons is the increasing number of “untrained drivers”, meaning people who never attended a driving school or passed the tests in driving or in traffic theory. They just bought their driving license without any proof, that they […]

Businessmen in white coats

It is not easy – or cheap – to be sick in Tajikistan. Goverment institutions have provided doctors with clear rules onhow to handle the prescription of medicine, but these rules are not always obeyed by the doctors. SCOOP-supported journalist Jaloliddin Ahmadov investigated the subject in June 2012. The investigation shows, that the cooperation between […]