Adopt Me the Fast Way

In Russia there are somewhere between 1 and 4 million orphans. The legal code defends the right of the child and it’s right to a family – but potential adoptive parents say that it is practically impossible to adopt  or obtain guardianships of a child. The internet news portal Fontanka in St. Peterburg conducted its own investigation to see how difficult these procedures are and who is benefitting from the process. Anna Filatova reports.

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Divorce Tajik-Style

Every year, many men from Tajikistqan go to Russia to find work. Often they also find a new love. A text message to the wife at home with the words “talaq, talaq, talaq” is enough to initiate the divorce procedure.  Some experts have claimed that, unless this practice of quick divorces is stopped, then Tajikistan could become a country losing its men. Mohammad Ehamzod has investigated the practice.

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