The Development Fund that Nobody Knows About

Issyk-Kul Development Fund was established to develop Issyk-Kul area i Kyrgyzstan, but where is the development?

960 millions som (14,5 million euros) were allocated in the period 2009 – 2011 for the development of the area, but the citizens hardly know the fund exists, shows this video investigation of Scoop supported team from K-News.

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Close Ties between Medical Firms and Doctors

Profit seems more important then health of patients in Kyrgyzstan. This is the main conclusion of Scoop supported investigation completed by Kyrgyz journalist Ayzura Batyralieva.

Batyralieva found out that pharmaceutical companies usemany different approaches in their cooperation with doctors in Kyrgyzstan.

According to the pharmaceutical companies say, neither ethical or legal norms are violated.

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Museums in Kyrgyzstan suffer

Tusks from an ancient mastodont are decaying in a museum.

The political changes and 22 years of independence have been hard to Kyrgyzstan’s cultural heritage.

The country’s museums suffer from the lack of the money and has lost a lot of museums artefacts. SCOOP supported journalist Abdumomun Mamarayimov has investigated the subject. His investigation was published on August 14, 2013.

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170.000 Children and Minors Work in Tajikistan

The issue of children and minors’ labour exploitation in Tajikistan has been a major public concern for many years. Though there are no exact statistics for this area, the International Labour Organization estimates that the number of working minors reaches almost 170 thousand individuals.

The story was researched by Nazliddin Khojaev and published on March 20, 2013.

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Virginity is Big Business in Tajikistan

When establishing a family in Tajikistan, the most important thing is the bride’s virginity.

If the newlyweds are soon divorced again, the main reason is brides’ failure to be virgin. Therefore, restoring the virginity has turned into big business in the country. Scoop supported journalist Ganjina Ganjova has investigated the area.

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Riot Victims Now Face Corruption

Ethnic riots in the Kyrgyz city of Osh in June 2010 left a lot of people homeless. Victims who suffered from the riots were promised new housing. Now, two and half year later, many of them are still waiting. But that is not all.

Scoop-supported journalist Gulzat Gaziyeva has investigated the subject and found, that people who were not victims of the riots, get apartments illegally on basis of false documents and with the help of public servants.

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Bishkek City Suffers with Bad Streetlights

Lack of money and streetlamps of questionable quality characterizes illumination – or lack of same – in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. But a lot can be done.

Better management and transparent purchasing policies are just some of the posibilities, shows SCOOP-supported investigation made by Azizbek Dzanaliev and Bolot Satarkulov.

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Tajik Authorities Turn the Blind Eye to Child Prostitution

The market for prostitution of minor girls in Tajikistan is growing. Taxi drivers, restaurant owners and also law enforcement employees all have interests in developing a market for underage prostitution.

This SCOOP supported investigation, completed by Gulafshon Soqieva, documents how the business works. It is difficult to estimate the size of the market. Tajik authorities keep statistical information related to minor prostitute secret and do not very much to limit it.

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Children Work in Illegal Iron Business in Tajikistan

During the Soviet times Tajik children as pioneers collected iron fragments to protect the environment and the country’s economic development. Today, some Tajik children are still collecting metals, but under very different circumstances.

The SCOOP supported investigation by Sitorabonui Sohibnazar shows that smaller companies, mostly from China, use young children to steal the iron and afterwards melt the metal illegally in areas where it is causing dangerous pollution.

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The Harsh Realities of Adoption in Tajikistan

Neglected orphan children need help and support. We recommend that the the child adoption procedure is simplified and to create good opportunities for those who would like to adopt these children. This is the message from the president of Tajikistan. The reality is often very different.

That is the conclusion of the SCOOP supported investigation completed by Saida Qurbonova.

The investigation shows the procedure of adoption is difficult and full of obstacles . The consequence is that illegal adoptions bloom.

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