Balkans Investigations

SCOOP was supporting and promoting investigative reporting in the Balkans from 2003 to 2012. This is the archive of some of the supported stories.

Alexander Divides the Waters

Alexander the Great was Macedonian, but is he a good symbol for the country? This is a heated discussion up to the “Skopje 2014” project and the 20th anniversary of Macedonian independence. The Albanian-speaking part of the population feels left out. At the same time, there are suspicions about corruption in the “Skopje 2014”. High […]

Roma Decade 2005-15: Who Has Felt it?

“Decade Watch Macedonia 2010: Halfway through the Roma Decade” was a survey, carried out by the Initiative for Social Change in a few municipalities in the country in the period July-August 2010. It stated, that Macedonia did not have much to boast of halfway during the Roma  Decade. The country does not pay enough attention […]

Tax Paradise Turned to Investment Hell

It should have been four economic zones bursting with activity and energy. But the Macedonian government project for establishing free economic zones has up to now been unsuccessful, and so far only two factories work. There has not been any results yet in attracting foreign direct investments and impelling domestic businessmen to invest more. The […]

Credit card-stealing gets more advanced in Macedonia

Computer criminal, which is most directly related to making and use of false cards, has been increasing in Macedonia. In the first nine months of 2010, 34 acts of damaging and illegal entering a computer system were detected in the country, as well as nine acts of making and use of false credit cards; four acts of making, supplying or alienating assets for forgery and one act of computer forgery and issuing an overdrawn check and misuse of official card.

After the Greek Economy – Macedonia?

Almost every country distorts its statistical data a bit in order to present more favorable economy conditions. The problem is that statistical deceit can to a great extent contribute a country to lead itself to bankruptcy without citizens and institutions noticing it. Some domestic and foreign economic experts say this might have been happening in the macedonian economy for years.

Corruption Finds New Ways

Million’s of euros are transferred from the Macedonian state budget to marketing agencies which are close to government parties or are owned by state officials or their family. This investigation shows, that the Macedonian vice-premier is directly connected with a marketing agency, which constantly receive money from his cabinet or entire government institutions. Experts says […]

Authorities Cheat Job-Seekers in Dubious Competition

The Ministry of Interior of Zenica-Doboj Canton paid 83.640 KM for training in a program to stimulate employment. This money is wasted because there was no way to keep the trainees in the service. The correction of this mistake was called “competition”.  A job advertisement was issued for 100 job positions, 60 police officers and […]

Buy Your Exam for 700 Euros

Aleksandar passed his university exam by paying 700 euro to a friend of the professor. This is not unusual in Macedonian higher education, as this investigation shows. There is a price list of exams for the students who want to find an easy way how to get a passing grade. The prices at some faculties […]