Balkans Investigations

SCOOP was supporting and promoting investigative reporting in the Balkans from 2003 to 2012. This is the archive of some of the supported stories.

Children’s Resorts Forgotten and Decaying

Broken doors, windows, fences… the doors of the building where kids were placed are closed. The restaurant with a view over the Berovo Lake is also closed. The sign with inscription RC “Maleshevo” – children’s resort was thrown at the back side of the building. The children’s resorts are hopelessly decaying in our country after […]

Paying Other People’s Debts

About 150,000 Bosnians are every month paying other people’s bank loans, estimates say. When someone doesn’t honor the monthly payments, banks often go for the endorser rather than the original loantaker. The estimates are showing that currently (end of 2011) in BiH some 150.000 are paying other people’s loans. During last two years around 5000 […]

Transnistria – Europe’s hub of smuggling and trafficking

Only 170 kilometres away from the European Union’s eastern border there is a strip of land which for two decades has played chess with countries on three continents. Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublika – or Transnistria – is a breakaway state of Republic of Moldova with no international recognition. A self-declared independent country, Transnistria is a nucleus […]

NGOs in Service of Political Parties

NGOs and other parts of the civil sector have a weak position in Macedonia. In general they have no independent funding and must rely on support from the government. Due to the coordination of public activities with certain political entities, there’s a prevailing belief that the civil sector in Macedonia operates under “umbrella “of the […]

Hunt for a Dutch Grave in Srebrenica

Former Dutch UN peacekeepers and survivors of the July 1995 Srebrenica massacre allege that during the fall of the UN-declared ‘safe haven’ Dutch soldiers buried at least five adults and one baby in a grave inside the Dutch UN compound in Potocari. Sixteen years later, as both former Dutch soldiers and Srebrenica survivors and relatives […]

Croatia’s Richest Man under Scrutiny

How did Ivica Todorić become so powerful? He is the richest man in Croatia, but seldom in the public eye and very rarely critized. He is the owner of the Agrokor Group, the biggest manufacturer and retail vendor of food in Croatioa. The group also has a big influence on gas companies, mobile operators and […]

Peace has a Prize, But Where is the Money?

For more than ten years, government money and foreign donations have gone into implementing the peace agreement in Macedonia. But how much money has been used and where? In 2001, the leaders of the Republic of Macedonia’s main political parties signed a an agreement to end the violent conflict between Macedonian security forces and armed […]

In Kosovo, the Phone Tap is Running

Kosovo doesn’t yet have a legislation to regulate the surveillance of individuals under suspicion of wrongdoing. Several law-enforcement mechanisms can execute phone tapping, and this has created tremendous problems and serious breach of privacy. Some 700 to 1000 people are put under surveillance by authorities during one month. This is a very high number for […]

Getting rich on fake traffic accidents

Fake traffic accidents is good business in Macedonia. Insurance companies in Macedonia have paid around 15 million euros in 2011 for damages caused during traffic accidents, while according to official reports, material damages have been compensated in 15.302 accidents. This is a business which is run “legally”, because people involved in it prepare reports, take […]

Support the Party and Enjoy Good Luck

Tens of millions of euros have been distributed among the businesses and individuals that have financed the prime-minister’s Hashim Thaçi’s Kosovo Democratic Party, PDK. This money has been given to the financers of the Party during the electoral campaign.  Though most of the financial support to PDK has not been declared, there are tens of […]