Balkans Investigations

SCOOP was supporting and promoting investigative reporting in the Balkans from 2003 to 2012. This is the archive of some of the supported stories.

Film Support for Disappeared Films

Some film distributors in Macedonia have misused over 230.000 Euros, money given by the European Film Fund, otherwise known as EUROIMAGE. Though doubts were raised about the recipients, though the Macedonian representative at the European Film Fund was dismissed from his position, and though it was announced that the scandal will be investigated – nothing […]

Wasting Water in Macedonia

Macedonia could be “the OPEC of drinking water”. But it could also turn to a desert over the next 40 years, if the resources are not managed properly, experts say. Every Macedonian spends two Olympic swimming pools of water a year, which is the European record in uncontrolled spending of drinking water. The main reason […]

Court for High-profile Crimes Under Pressure

Special Prosecutors Office RS in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was formed to prosecute organized crime, and by jurisdiction it was supposed to deal with criminal acts for which the minimal prison sentence is over five years in prison. But in practice the result is a line of failed charges and aborted investigations, where the […]

National History Dug Up and Sold

The cultural heritage located in about six thousand archaeological spots in Macedonia became a main target of illegal diggers and smugglers after the fall of Yugoslavia. “Groups of illegal diggers have earned a fortune by selling Macedonian bronze materials excavated from these sites to Greeks and others buyers,” says a resident close to an Iron […]

Public Money for Holy Luxury

Many people in Osijek, Croatia, live in poverty – but not the nuns and priests of the Catholic Church. Few meters from a Caritas center for the poor, a building of archbishop vicarage is to be opened any time soon. It is a luxurious building of 5000 square meters, built partly for public – taxpayers’ […]

Albanian Wine is a Bitter Cup

An Albanian wine producer tells a joke: “There was this famous old winemaker in his deathbed, and he summoned his three sons to tell them: I have one secret to tell you… wine is also made from grapes.” Albania hasn’t developed the wine-making traditions of its neighbours Greece and Italy. A recent study shows that […]

Marijuana – a New Crop for Macedonia’s Farmers

Growing marijuana is becoming a new agricultural branch in Macedonia. Increasing demand and rising prizes has made production of the illegal plants tempting for many. This is not a novelty in the country. A few years ago there were only some isolated cases and the drug was intended for personal use, very rarely for sale. […]

Flooded Farmers Must Wait for Justice

Huge damages from floods have been a annual occurence for people in Popovo Polje, mainly Ravno municipality, in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Eight years after the first complaints were filed, the court system has done nothing. The water rises, when the excess water is let out of accumulations of Trebišnjica river. The inhabitants […]

Price of a Baby = 15,000 euros

Corruption in adoptions is being treated like an everyday conversation topic among the workers of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Macedonia. The first punishments were already passed. The price for a healthy and beautiful baby in this illegal market ranges from five thousand to 60 thousand Euros. A couple from Ohrid tell […]

A Deal that Cost Republika Srpska 27 million USD

When the Government of Republika Srpska decided to sell the oil sector to a Russian company, the Governments’ commission got free hands from the RS National Assembly to determine the settlement with the numerous creditors of the refinery. One of these was the British Vitol, who in the previous years had contract with the refinery. […]