Balkans Investigations

SCOOP was supporting and promoting investigative reporting in the Balkans from 2003 to 2012. This is the archive of some of the supported stories.

ECPMF Calls for Solidarity with Turkey’s Journalists

On October 7th 2016, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) released 130 balloons to the sky of Leipzig, Germany, to show solidarity with the jailed journalists in Turkey. As part of this year’s European Media Freedom Conference, the international participants and guests gathered to take a stand for the protection of media […]

Drug-Addicted Children Die in the Streets

Erhan, Sali and Femi are no longer alive. They all died of a heroin overdose during the last few months. They were 10, 11 and 13 years old. In Skopje, Macedonia, no institution gives help to children between 5 and 14 years, who are addicted to heroin and glue sniffing. These youngsters need medical and […]

Pulling out of the Balkans Media Market

The German media company WAZ is one of the strongest in Europe. But its entry in the Balkans was not so easy. The work of WAZ in Serbia and Croatia is marked with media companies in debts, nontransparent business practice, ties to tycoons close to the state, tight connection with the governments, obsolete editorial policies […]

Water Money Disappeared Down the Drain

When people in Tetovo, Macedonia, turn on the water, nothing may come out. The water supply is inconsistent – and not because the problem has been ignored. The “messed” story of the water supply system in Tetovo started in 2001, though attempts to ensure enough water for the town were made earlier as well. In […]

Dressed Up in Stolen Feathers

Dolce&Gabbana, Cavalli, Gucci… you find the brands in fancy malls, but also in Macedonian garages. Inspectors from Macedonian customs entered there, disguised as buyers, and went out with the arrested owners of the improvised shops. Smugglers manage to get in the pieces of Trussardi, Dior and Armani and other well known brands. Most often they […]

“Sentenced” to Freedom

In Moldova persons sentenced for serious crimes to tens of years of prison can buy their freedom with the help of lawyers who have influence on the judges and prosecutors. The journalists Victor Mosneag, Tatiana Etco and Nicolae Cuschevici revealed how the system functions . In the past 3 years, about 60% of convicts were […]

Kidney Patients Get Hepatitis in Hospital

Kidney patients in Macedonia become infected with Hepatitis C, when they go to clinics and hospitals for dialysis. Patients as well as nephrologists (kidney specialists) confirm this. The reason is that the safety standards are not put into practice, and there is no control of the patients’ safety. Economic analysts say that dialysis is carried […]

Child Prostitution Continues in Macedonia

Again, Macedonian public has been astounded by the news that two 14-year-old girls had become victims of a chain of juvenile prostitution. Six years ago in a similar case, twelve men were sentenced to a total of 65 years’ imprisonment for а child sexual abuse. Now another network was detected also in the same city, […]

Your Phone Company is Looking Out for the Pennies

If your telephone bill was charged a couple of cents more, you wouldn’t even notice. It doesn’t really mean much to the customer, but on the company’s side it means millions. This was the case with the “mailbox”, when mobile operators earned millions and then they were punished with serious fines. “It was about services […]

You Have a Right to Ask, but Don’t Expect an Answer

More than half of the Macedonians do not know that they have the right to free access to information according to the law. But even if they did and sent a question according to this law, not much would probably happen, conclude Igor Ilievski and Aleksandra Filipovska here. The two reporters sent questions to 40 […]