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The Rise and Fall of the Shuya Salmon

The Shuya stock of Onega salmon used to be on Russias ‘red list’ and thus protected. But the famous fish was removed from the list 2004, and at first it was a success. In 2010, the total catch was – official figures – 100 tons. But since then it turned into a bad story. There […]

Vodka at Every Corner

Russian authorities claim to fight alcoholism, but in two Northern cities, Arkhangelsk with 360.000 inhabitants and Severodvinsk with 183.000, it’s easier than ever to get hold of alcohol – vodka, whisky and moonshine. In Arkhangelsk the staff of Children’s Library No. 3 located in a residential building complained when a new bar ‘Pivnie Traditsii’ (Beer […]

“Editorial Board” Prize to SCOOP Coordinator

Anna Yarovaya, journalist at 7×7 in Petrozavodsk and SCOOP coordinator, has been awarded the prize “Editorial Board” for her longread “Rewriting Sandarmorkh”. Sandarmorkh is a name that evokes associations with executions, suffering, and history. In 1937-38 it was the site of mass executions of political prisoners, and over 7,000 were murdered there and buried in […]

Have an Idea for an Investigation? Time to Apply for a Grant!

To all journalists in the North-West region of Russia interested in investigative reporting! We – the International Media Support, IMS, in Copenhagen, the Associations of investigative journalism in Denmark and Sweden, FUJ and FGJ, in cooperation with the Regional Press Institute, RPI, in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Fojo Media Institute, Sweden – are happy to […]

Call for Applications Upcoming

Journalists in Northwest Russia with an interest in investigative journalism: News is on its way about training and grants for SCOOP Russia in 2018! Behind the SCOOP grants are the International Media Support Organization (IMS) in Copenhagen, the Association of Investigative Journalists of Denmark (FUJ) and Sweden (FGJ), the Regional Press Institute (RPI, Petersburg), Russia, […]

Nominate for the European Press Prize

Have you or some of your colleagues made a piece of journalism worthy of international recognition? Then the time has come to nominate this for the European Press Prize! All journalists from Europe, working in Europe or working for a European media outlet can send in work – and in any language. Europe is defined […]

Global Study: How to protect journalists

Journalists are murdered at a rising rate. Mostly in wars, uprisings and civil wars, but also in peaceful countries like Malta. A new global study from the Danish NGO ‘International Media Support analyses the efforts to safeguard journalists in seven countries where environments of conflict and instability challenges  quality journalism. Download the full report Download […]

Learn How to Dig into the Sports World

Would you like to dig into the world of sports? Would you like to hear the latest on corruption and fair play in the global sports business? Apply for a Play the Game grant! Play the Game has just launched the programme for its 10th international conference, taking place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from 26-30 […]

ECPMF Chairman Challenges Council of Europe on Azerbaijan

Europe’s elected representatives should insist on improvements on human rights and freedom in Azerbaijan before ANY further cooperation or deals, writes ECPMF chairman – and SCOOP founder and coordinator – Henrik Kaufholz in an open letter to politicians in Council of Europe countries. Azeri journalists are persecuted, and at the same time politicians and other […]

ECPMF: Defending Journalists under Threat

Threats to journalists and violations of media freedom are on the increase across Europe – from prosecution of journalists in Turkey, over attacks on media workers in Hungary, Poland and Ukraine, to accreditations withdrawn at the G20 summit in Germany. The European Center for Press and Media Freedom is going to focus on this development […]