SOUTH AFRICA: African Network of Centers of Investigative Reporting



ARMENIA: Investigative Journalists NGO

AZERBAIJAN: Azerbaijani-American Journalism Academy

AZERBAIJAN: Caucasus Media Investigations Center

INDONESIA: Alliance of Independent Journalists

PHILIPPINES: The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

NEPAL: Centre for Investigative Journalism Nepal


JORDAN: Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ)


BELARUS: agentura, Agency for Journalistic Investigations

BELGIUM: Investigative Reporters Network Europe

BELGIUM: Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism

BALKAN: Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN)

BALTICS: Baltic Centre for Investigative Journalism


BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Balkan Investigative Regional Reporting Network

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Bosnia Center for Investigative Reporting

BULGARIA: BTC ProMedia Foundation

BULGARIA: Bulgarian Investigative Journalism Center

DENMARK: Danish Association for Investigative Journalism

DENMARK: Scoop – Network for Investigative journalist in Russia, East and Southeastern Europe

FINLAND: Finnish Association for Investigative Journalism

HUNGARY: Átlátszó Center for Investigative Journalism

ICELAND: Icelandic Center for Investigative Journalism

ITALY: Associazione di Giornalismo Investigativo

ITALY: Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI)

MACEDONIA: Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP

MOLDOVA: Investigative Journalism Center of Moldova

NETHERLANDS: Dutch-Flemish Association for Investigative Journalism

NORWAY: Norwegian Foundation for Investigative Journalism

ROMANIA: Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism 

RUSSIA: Agency of Investigative Journalism in Russia

SERBIA: Media Focus — Center for Investigative Journalism

SERBIA: Center for Investigative Reporting Serbia

SWEDEN: Föreningen Grävande Journalister

SWITZERLAND: Swiss Investigation Network / Réseau Suisse des Journalistes d’Investigation

UK: The Centre for Investigative Journalism

UKRAINE: Center of Investigative reporting in Crimea

UKRAINE: Agency of Investigative reporting in Rivne



ARGENTINA: Argentinian Journalism Forum (FOPEA)

BRAZIL: Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism

CHILE: Chilean Center for Investigative Journalism and Information

COLOMBIA: Consejo de Redacción

LIMA: Instituto Prensa y Sociedad

MEXICO: Center for Journalism and Public Ethics



JORDAN: Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism 



CALIFORNIA: The Investigative News Network

CALIFORNIA: Center for Investigative Reporting

MASSACHUSSETTS: Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism

MASSACHUSSETS: New England Center for Investigative Reporting

MISSOURI: Investigative Reporters and Editors

NEW YORK: ProPublica

NEW YORK: Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism

TEXAS: The Texas Watchdog

WASHINGTON DC: 100 Reporters

WASHINGTON DC: The Center for Public Integrity

WASHINGTON DC: Investigative Reporting Workshop

WASHINGTON DC: Fund for Investigative Journalism

WASHINGTON: InvestigateWest

WISCONSIN: WisconsinWatch



Global Investigative Journalism Network

To get more information about centres for investigative journalism, click to read David Kaplan’s thorough report “Global Investigative Journalism: Strategies for Support“.


SCOOP is a network and support structure for investigative journalists. SCOOP supports investigative journalism and provides national and international networks for media professionals who are conducting investigations. Since 2003 SCOOP has supported several hundred investigations and facilitated national and international contacts between journalists to investigate across borders and share experiences.
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