Vinnytsya Water: Every Sip Calls for your Courage

bad water

Water from the tap in the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsya smells badly, it tastes badly, citizens don’t like it. But according to the waterworks the drinking water complies to all state norms, and the chief sanitary doctor Iryna Odnostalko sees no problems here: ‘If you drink the water from the tap, trust me, it will ... Read More »

Wasting Water in Macedonia


Macedonia could be “the OPEC of drinking water”. But it could also turn to a desert over the next 40 years, if the resources are not managed properly, experts say.
Every Macedonian spends two Olympic swimming pools of water a year, which is the European record in uncontrolled spending of drinking water.
The main reason for the ... Read More »

Water Money Disappeared Down the Drain


When people in Tetovo, Macedonia,  turn on the water, nothing may come out. The water supply is inconsistent – and not because the problem has been ignored.
The “messed” story of the water supply system in Tetovo started in 2001, though attempts to ensure enough water for the town were made earlier as well. In 2011, ... Read More »

No Water in the 21 Century


Open the tap to drink or wash your hands – and nothing happens. Shortage of water is a common problem in Macedonia.
50 municipalities have submitted proposals for water supply projects, informs the Ministry of Transport and Communications. But most of them were returned to be re-worked. The Ministry says that they have made a scan of the ... Read More »


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