A Not so Swedish Family


At first sight Misen Energy AB looks very much like a Swedish company, although the office in Gothenburg is very small.  But it’s the main shareholder of a large private Ukrainian gas company, Karpatygaz.
The Ukrainian reporter Dmytro Gnap decided to to take a closer look at its activities and owners. He ended up in a ... Read More »

The Army Protects a Very Private Secret


The Ukrainian army is not only using its Yavoriv training field for training, but also for a private hunting ground and marina. This land was part of the biggest military training field in Ukraine and hunting and fishing was prohibited there.
Nevertheless, what was prohibited for some people was allowed for others. Now Lviv oligarchs ... Read More »

A Very Special Passport Service


People who apply for international passports or other services at the Rivne branch of the State Migration Service pay extra handwritten bills. Most applicants just pay the bills without asking any questions, despite the fact that they have to pay to an account of an unknown private entrepreneur.
Journalist Dmytro Bondar of the Rivne Agency for ... Read More »

Journalist Goes Undercover to Reveal Internet Brothels


A Ukrainian journalist went undercover to get a job with an Internet brothel in Lutsk, where she gathered evidence from other women working there and from communicating with clients – strip dancing with them.
The whole set up is strange: The owner of the company is a former top official from the Volyn police department, and ... Read More »

Driver’s Licenses for Sale


In Ukraine everybody knows that driver’s licenses can be purchased for money, even without knowing how to drive or knowing the rules. Even though everybody knows about that, the police never arrest anyone and this corrupt scheme flourishes. In the meantime, 5000 people are killed on the roads each year.
In order to collect evidence, the ... Read More »

How to Make Personal Profit from a National Park


Oleksandr Vertsekha, a former advisor to the governor of Rivne, has managed to turn a job as manager of the Dermansko-Ostozkiy National Park into a profitable business for himself. Reporter Dmytro Bondar from ‘Fourth Power’ investigated the scheme.
Oleksandr Vertsekha became the director of a national park in Rivne thanks to lobbying from the Party of ... Read More »

Deputy Ministers Make Rules for Their Own Businesses


Conflict of Interest: According to Ukrainian legislation, any person obtaining a job in the government has to leave management positions in private businesses.But reporters Yuriy Vinnichuk and Dmitriy Korol of Insider proved that some ministers and deputy ministers neglected this legislative requirement.
The three-part investigation show that many ministers and deputy ministers not only own stakes ... Read More »

How to steal a flat


Ukrainian judges, police officers, state prosecutors and other officials are entitled to a flat when the have to move to another city to take up a new position. This has developed into a scheme where officials systematically convert these publicly owned flats into their private property.
Reporters from the Rivne Agency for Investigative Journalism Fourth Power, ... Read More »

Masters of a Ski Paradise


The Ukrainian skiing resort Bukovel is a perfect example of how the business elite around former president Viktor Yanukovych – his son and bodyguard included – got hold of profitable companies.
This investigation looked into the ownership of the biggest, most developed, and most profitable downhill skiing resort in Ukraine, Bukovel, which is visited by about ... Read More »

Cheap land for the president

Tsarskoye Selo

The Tsar Village in southern Kyiv is a very expensive residential area where the Ukrainian elite is living in  magnificent mansions. It turns out that Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko also owns property there, and that he got it very cheap.
Dmytro Korol from the internet portal Insider investigated the matter and published two articles about the ... Read More »


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