Insurance Companies Try to Outfox the Law


In Russia as in other countries car insurance is obligatory. But what do you do, when the insurance companies refuse to sell policies?
If you are a taxi driver this  destroys your business. And why do they refuse to sell? After all, insurance rates are skyrocketing. Sergei Markelov tried to sort things out in the article ... Read More »

Inclusion for All Children – But with Limited Resources


All children should go to local schools. Beginning in 2013 a federal law, “On Education,” put Russia on a Western path: children with disabilities would study together with usual children.
This destroys the old Soviet practice of having schools for advanced students, usual pupils, and children with special needs. In St. Petersburg 9.7 million RUR (260,000 ... Read More »

Russian Journalist Banned from her Work and Fined

Russian journalist Oksana Panova has been banned from her work and fined 300,000 rubles after critizising local government.
OSCE Media Freedom Representative Dunja Mijatovic expressed her concern over the sentence in the following terms : “I am appalled by today’s court decision to ban Panova from working as a journalist. It marks a worrying trend for ... Read More »

Russia Bars Ukrainian Journalist for 5 Years

The Russian Federation has denied the Ukrainian journalist Oleg Khomenok entry into the country for the next five years.
The decision was made 25th of September, and the short notice from the “Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation” refers to an article 27 which states that “Entry into theRussian Federation for a foreign citizen or a ... Read More »

Russian and Ukrainian journalists send SOS

Media activists from Russia and the Ukraine called for urgent EU and civil society help to protect press freedom in their counties at a public meeting held in Brussels on the 26 November. They proposed establishing an international Pen Centre, holding “mega-forums” and adopting charts, similar to those used in the run-up to the Helsinki ... Read More »

Protests over Rejection of Oleg Khomenok

The Danish Organisation for Investigative Journalism (Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik) has complained to the Russian authorities, because the Ukrainian journalist Oleg Khomenok on October 29, 2012, was denied entry into Kaliningrad where he was going to give a presentation of investigative reporting to local journalists invited to a seminar arranged by Scoop Russia.
Oleg Khomenok is ... Read More »

Desperately Looking for Baltic Cesium

dead fish

The ecologists are concerned: Areas contaminated with cesium-137 have been found at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland.
A report from the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection-2008 started the concerns. The experts take the contamination for the “legacy” of Chernobyl incident, but it is hard to determine more precisely: data from different ... Read More »

How to Steal 40 Billion Rubles


In 1995, the Murmansk region was shocked by unprecedented fraud: five swindlers managed to pull a con game on local government and transfer 40 billion rubles ($6,5 million at that moment) assigned for medical purposes to foreign bank accounts. Later four of them were captured and convicted, yet the fifth still walks free.
This story is ... Read More »

The Curtain Falls, the Drama Goes On


Retired actors in St. Petersburg are fighting fiercely for the House of Stage Veterans on Petrovsky Island, and the battle has gone on for years. Retired actors and the general public are sure that funds allocated for institution repairs are misused.
The House of Stage Veterans is a whole complex of historical buildings where actors «who ... Read More »

War Heroes Met a Sad Future


Russia celebrates her war heroes from the Great Patriotic War (Second World War) every year – but a group of them were hidden away, their rights abused, and their future bleak.
A number of the disabled veterans, who turned to begging for their survival, were driven from the streets and placed in nursing homes for the disabled ... Read More »


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