Luxury Apartments Disguised as Offices


Residential houses instead of office buildings: such metamorphoses occur in Petrozavodsk on an annoyingly regular basis. According to the public figures opinion, over the past five years, a big number of residence buildings with more than 40 thousand square meters of luxury apartments in the most respectable parts of the town has been erected.
Loopholes in ... Read More »

Easy jobs in the Ponzi-industry


Few hours – high pay – can it really be true?Maria Dmitrieva, the author of this investigation, checked what lies behind the numerous recruitment advertisement of a light job with a good salary.
It turned out that most of them are placed by the company “Tiens”. The company names its activities “network marketing”, but in fact ... Read More »

Sniffing in orphanages

A tragic incident, when in one of the orphanages in the Republic of Karelia a boy died because of the frequent glue sniffing, became the starting point of this investigation. Children in public care institutions are not provided with proper supervision. Russian social institutions lack personnel, and measures of mentees control are inadequate.
This investigation focused ... Read More »

Building Upon a Grim Past


Bones and skulls of prisoners of war from the Second World War turned up, when the builders started their work to construct a new building of expensive apartments in Petrozavodsk. Somehow the area of a former cemetery and prison camp had been allocated for the construction.
At least 259 persons from six or seven countries were ... Read More »

Who Decides the Best for the Child?


When custody battles break out in Russian families living in Finland, and the Finnish authorities are involved, there is a deep difference in understanding among the involved parties. The Russians find that the outhorities steal the child, if it is removed from the parents, and they suspect prejudice against Russians to play a big part ... Read More »


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