Putting a Name on the Lords of the Land


What happened with the land of Zaytsev Collective Farm after it was reorganized in 1992? In the story “Land on Paper”, investigative reporter Anna Yarovaya dug into the privatization procedures of state agricultural enterprises that happened in Karelia like everywhere else after the fall of the Soviet Union.
Anna Yarovaya investigated how and by whom hectares ... Read More »

A Place for a Space Ship, Not for People


Once children could swim in the Pueta river by Kem in Karelia, and fish were abundant. Today, the locals say: “The water does not freeze in winter and a fetid fog hangs above it. The stench from the river in summer is even worse.”
After an oil pollution in 2010, the search for the source began. ... Read More »

Bad Drinking Water in a Region with 60.000 Lakes


Fish are dying in the research labs, 4.000 children, women and men are treated for waterborn infections every year.
Nothing is done to implement the plan to improve the quality of drinking water of Karelia – the Russian region bordering Finland. The reporter Nadezhda Mekkieva told a story of lots of warnings from scientists and the smell ... Read More »

War Heroes Met a Sad Future


Russia celebrates her war heroes from the Great Patriotic War (Second World War) every year – but a group of them were hidden away, their rights abused, and their future bleak.
A number of the disabled veterans, who turned to begging for their survival, were driven from the streets and placed in nursing homes for the disabled ... Read More »


SCOOP is a network and support structure for investigative journalists. SCOOP supports investigative journalism and provides national and international networks for media professionals who are conducting investigations. Since 2003 SCOOP has supported several hundred investigations and facilitated national and international contacts between journalists to investigate across borders and share experiences.
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