Too Much Water Makes The Kaliningrad Sausage Profitable


Three out of four samples of so-called high quality sausages bought in the local food store in Kaliningrad contained much more water than allowed in the Russian state standards. That was the result when the reporter Anastasia Drozdova in Novy Karavan sent the samples she had bought to laboratories.
The investigation was published 22nd of December ... Read More »

A Cheesy Story about Fake Fat


What goes into Russian cheeses?  One out of three tested cheese brands in Kaliningrad shops contained fat that did not come from milk. That was the result when the journalist Irina Krivonos bought three different cheeses and sent them to two different labs for analysis, one lab in Saint Petersburg and one in Lithuania.
Since the ... Read More »

Trust! That is What Sausages Are Made Of


How much meat does one find in the sausage? Anastasia Drozdova from Kaliningrad decided to investigate the quality of the locally produced sausages for her newspaper “Novy Karavan”. The reason is obvious.
Meat production in the region is not sufficient to cover the needs of the manufacturers of meat products. In the past, a lot of ... Read More »

VIPs Own Illegal Summer Houses on the Curonian Spit


The Curonian Spit in Kaliningrad is listed as a World Heritage Site and a national park. Nevertheless, investigative reporter Nikita Kuzmin found about 100 buildings, that were supposedly guest houses, cottages, hotels or recreational and medical facilities, but in reality were serving as exclusive summer houses for private persons.
Five years ago there was a campaign, ... Read More »

Millions of Euro Spent, But Pollution Continues in Kaliningrad


The promising words from politicians when Kaliningrad applied for financial support from the EU and Sweden to clean the city’s waste water, were worth nothing. Only six out of sixteen waste water treatment plants have been built. And most of them do not clean the waste water at all, only pump it into the rivers ... Read More »

Mercury in The Waste a Toxic Bomb in Kaliningrad


Low-energy light bulbs are extremely toxic. Nonetheless and in spite of numerous projects aiming to collect them in Kaliningrad, most of them end up in the ordinary dump for domestic waste. This is a danger to the health of future generations.
Reporter Anastasia Drozdova at Novyj Karavan has tried to find out how the politicians ... Read More »

Bisons Endangered in Kaliningrad


For more than 100 years, two bisons have been struggling in Kaliningrad. But the struggle may come to an end, not because one has one, but because weater and neglect are taking their toll on the statue.
No restoration is planned for the two bulls. But many in Kaliningrad care deeply about them,.
“It’s a cult sculpture ... Read More »

No Correction Against Correctional Facility


The Neman juvenile correctional school in Kaliningrad has an annual budget of 78 million rubels – more than the budget of the whole city. There are more than twice as many employees as juvenile offenders. But the institution doesn’t seem to help the young criminals much towards a better future.
This investigation found that over the ... Read More »

Protests over Rejection of Oleg Khomenok

The Danish Organisation for Investigative Journalism (Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik) has complained to the Russian authorities, because the Ukrainian journalist Oleg Khomenok on October 29, 2012, was denied entry into Kaliningrad where he was going to give a presentation of investigative reporting to local journalists invited to a seminar arranged by Scoop Russia.
Oleg Khomenok is ... Read More »

SCOOP Trainer Refused Entry in Russia

The Ukrainian journalist Oleg Khomenok was rejected at the Russian border, when he arrived to teach a SCOOP seminar on investigative journalism in Kaliningrad.
Mr. Khomenok didn’t get any explanation there and then, but was told to contact the Russian consulate in Kiev.
Oleg Khomenok has taught investigative journalism for many years and is also the national ... Read More »


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