Unhealthy Tenders in Volyn


In the Volyn Regional Clinic Hospital in Ukraine, the private enterprise Alteia-Farm is extraordinarily successful, when the hospital is calling for tenders. The company is always able to deliver the equipment or drugs needed and is therefore winning most of the tenders.
But as the reporters Valentyna Kuts and Yuriy Horbach from the investigative journalism bureau ... Read More »

How to Steal 40 Billion Rubles


In 1995, the Murmansk region was shocked by unprecedented fraud: five swindlers managed to pull a con game on local government and transfer 40 billion rubles ($6,5 million at that moment) assigned for medical purposes to foreign bank accounts. Later four of them were captured and convicted, yet the fifth still walks free.
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Patients Forced to Give “Voluntarily”


Next to the main entrance of a regional center for medical diagnostics and treatment in the Ukrainian town Rivne you will find a “Bankomat” – a cash dispenser. This is no coincidence: All patients are asked to give a contribution to the charity of the hospital. In cash.
Last year the medical center this way managed ... Read More »


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