Ukrainian Politicians Broke the Rules of Campaigning


Regardless of the new law “On Local Elections,” the Ukrainian election process in October 2015 was again non-transparent, dishonest, and corrupt.
Journalists from the Mykolaiv Center for Investigative Journalism looked into expenses for exterior advertising that was officially declared by political parties and candidates and compared that to the real cost. In some cases, the figures ... Read More »

Insurance Companies Try to Outfox the Law


In Russia as in other countries car insurance is obligatory. But what do you do, when the insurance companies refuse to sell policies?
If you are a taxi driver this  destroys your business. And why do they refuse to sell? After all, insurance rates are skyrocketing. Sergei Markelov tried to sort things out in the article ... Read More »

It’s Toxic, but It’s Money

dead sea

Kalush in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine is declared an ‘environmental disaster zone’ and has received a lot of money from the national government for a clean-up. But instead of being used to improve the environment, the money have become a source for fraud and making money illegally.
Very little happens to the thousands of ... Read More »

Just Get a Stamp From the Judge


The city council of Mykolaiv appears to have made a lot of illegal decisions over the years. Land owned by the community and earmarked for public purposes was suddenly in private hands. Many of these cases were met by furious citizens, but when taken to court the council usually won.
A park, a sport facility and ... Read More »

Ukranian Minister Lies About Her Academic Merits

The Ukrainian minister for social affairs, Natalia Karolevska, is lying about her education in her CV. She received a fake diploma and that makes subsequent diplomas illegitimate. This was exposed in an investigation by Oleg Peretyanka for the agency ’OstroV’ and published on its website November 7th 2013.
It has been republished several times. In print ... Read More »

How to Steal 40 Billion Rubles


In 1995, the Murmansk region was shocked by unprecedented fraud: five swindlers managed to pull a con game on local government and transfer 40 billion rubles ($6,5 million at that moment) assigned for medical purposes to foreign bank accounts. Later four of them were captured and convicted, yet the fifth still walks free.
This story is ... Read More »

Albanian Wine is a Bitter Cup


An Albanian wine producer tells a joke: “There was this famous old winemaker in his deathbed, and he summoned his three sons to tell them: I have one secret to tell you… wine is also made from grapes.”
Albania hasn’t developed the wine-making traditions of its neighbours Greece and Italy. A recent study shows that more ... Read More »

Price of a Baby = 15,000 euros


Corruption in adoptions is being treated like an everyday conversation topic among the workers of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Macedonia. The first punishments were already passed. The price for a healthy and beautiful baby in this illegal market ranges from five thousand to 60 thousand Euros.
A couple from Ohrid tell their ... Read More »

Where Does the Public’s Money go?


Directors and managers of public companies are under suspicion of misuse of their position. Contrary to the laws they have made public procurements, spent money from the municipality budgets and public companies’ budget, is the conclusion of this Macedonian investigation.
The misuse of the public procurements has been recognized by the Anti-Corruption Commission, and it has opened ... Read More »


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