It’s Toxic, but It’s Money

dead sea

Kalush in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine is declared an ‘environmental disaster zone’ and has received a lot of money from the national government for a clean-up. But instead of being used to improve the environment, the money have become a source for fraud and making money illegally.
Very little happens to the thousands of ... Read More »

Krasny Bor Landfill: The Chemical Chernobyl Is a Reality


Krasny Bor, popularly nicknamed “the Chemical Chernobyl,” is the largest chemical waste landfill in Northwest Russia. The approximate two million tons of chemical waste that has accumulated here over the last 45 years pose a real threat to everything and is located just a few kilometers from St. Petersburg.
In the early 1990s, the Northern Capital’s ... Read More »

Poisoned by the Drinking Water


Dozens of people felt sick during the summer of 2011 in the 11thneighbourhood of Nubarashen in Yerevan. Later it spread to neighbouring villages. The reason was clear: Water poisoning.
According to the official statement, 87 individuals received treatment for intestinal infection at the Nork Infectious Diseases Clinic and 13 in the villages. The intestinal infection will ... Read More »

No Borders for Pesticides


As other countries Armenia has introduced rules and controls of pesticides, but these dangerous substances are sold by unauthorized businessmen, the actual control  is slack and farmers know far to little how to use them.
All this is documented in an article by Susanna Shahnazaryan. The story was published in the Armenian online magazine Hetq on the 26th ... Read More »


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