Public Transport as a Private Money Machine


In Syktyvkar – the capital of the Russian region Komi – the largest company  in local public transport, Alpha-Trans, went bankrupt. That’s what happens in a market economy. Or is it?
The journalist Maxim Poliakov took a closer look and found an interesting scheme, where the busses transported money directly into the pockets of a small ... Read More »

A Very Special Passport Service


People who apply for international passports or other services at the Rivne branch of the State Migration Service pay extra handwritten bills. Most applicants just pay the bills without asking any questions, despite the fact that they have to pay to an account of an unknown private entrepreneur.
Journalist Dmytro Bondar of the Rivne Agency for ... Read More »

It’s Toxic, but It’s Money

dead sea

Kalush in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine is declared an ‘environmental disaster zone’ and has received a lot of money from the national government for a clean-up. But instead of being used to improve the environment, the money have become a source for fraud and making money illegally.
Very little happens to the thousands of ... Read More »

Kicked out of Office – But not of His Official Flat

ukraine housing

High ranking Ukrainian officials who were lustrated for their connections to the corrupt government of president Viktor Yanukovych have managed to stay in flats, they got because of their job.
This is just one result of a new investigation of free housing for public servants I the city of Lutsk done by the Rivne Agency for ... Read More »

Bribery on the Way to the Grave?


”I’m 89 years old, and I don’t want to be cut up after I’m gone,” Yekaterina Geraskina said to reporter Elena Nikolaeva. ”I want to be buried as I am when I pass. Can you tell me who came up with this nonsense?»
The ’nonsense’ is that since April 2013, every person who dies in the ... Read More »

Cheap Margarine and Rotten Carrots for Children


The reporters Lyubov Chayka and Aleksandr Ofitserov from the website of Mestnie Vesti were chocked when they checked the quality of food in the Kindergartens of the city of Melitopol. Cheap margarine and rotten carrots are on the menu.
Nobody cares about the quality of the food for the children, even if there are very specific ... Read More »

Unhealthy Tenders in Volyn


In the Volyn Regional Clinic Hospital in Ukraine, the private enterprise Alteia-Farm is extraordinarily successful, when the hospital is calling for tenders. The company is always able to deliver the equipment or drugs needed and is therefore winning most of the tenders.
But as the reporters Valentyna Kuts and Yuriy Horbach from the investigative journalism bureau ... Read More »

Don’t shoot, please

It’s easy to buy an illegal permit to carry weapons in Ukraine. 500-1700 US dollars will buy you the documents to obtain a license.
The article “How to Legally Purchase Weapons in Ukraine” by reporter Nadiya Burdei was published on May 29, 2014 by the publication Insider on its website. The article uncovers the corrupt scheme ... Read More »

Green light for corruption


In Kherson region of Ukraine, only four cities besides Kherson itself have the luxury of having traffic lights at their biggest crossings. Even those few lights were the object of the theft of budget money.
The article “Financial crossings – without traffic lights” by reporter Artem Sopov was published on the website of the “PIK” South ... Read More »

Just let the kids pay…

kiev lunch

City Councils paid much higher prices for food for kindergartens than even the retail(!) market prices that were in effect in 2013, this story tells.
The story is part of a series on local officials’ procurements and deals with the procurement of food products for kindergartens in Kyiv region. Experts and economists believe that food products ... Read More »


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