Cheap Margarine and Rotten Carrots for Children


The reporters Lyubov Chayka and Aleksandr Ofitserov from the website of Mestnie Vesti were chocked when they checked the quality of food in the Kindergartens of the city of Melitopol. Cheap margarine and rotten carrots are on the menu.
Nobody cares about the quality of the food for the children, even if there are very specific ... Read More »

Inclusion for All Children – But with Limited Resources


All children should go to local schools. Beginning in 2013 a federal law, “On Education,” put Russia on a Western path: children with disabilities would study together with usual children.
This destroys the old Soviet practice of having schools for advanced students, usual pupils, and children with special needs. In St. Petersburg 9.7 million RUR (260,000 ... Read More »

Who Decides the Best for the Child?


When custody battles break out in Russian families living in Finland, and the Finnish authorities are involved, there is a deep difference in understanding among the involved parties. The Russians find that the outhorities steal the child, if it is removed from the parents, and they suspect prejudice against Russians to play a big part ... Read More »

Drug-Addicted Children Die in the Streets


Erhan, Sali and Femi are no longer alive. They all died of a heroin overdose during the last few months. They were 10, 11 and 13 years old. In Skopje, Macedonia, no institution gives help to children between 5 and 14 years, who are addicted to heroin and glue sniffing. These youngsters need medical and ... Read More »


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