Paying Other People’s Debts

About 150,000 Bosnians are every month paying other people’s bank loans, estimates say. When someone doesn’t honor the monthly payments, banks often go for the endorser rather than the original loantaker.
The estimates are showing that currently (end of 2011) in BiH some 150.000 are paying other people’s loans. During last two years around 5000 endorsers ... Read More »

Read Three Times, Sign Once!


A woman in Skopje, Macedonia,  suddenly had to pay unexpected charges to the bank in connection with her loan payments. The bank had changed the rules – and even if the woman went to the Organisation for Protection of Customers, there is no chance for modification of the decision.
“Our conclusion is that the customers do ... Read More »

Growing Bank Charges Angers Customers


Macedonian banks generate good incomes, and not just from the interests on the customers’ loans. Commissions and service charges is an increasing factor in the relationship between bank and customer.
The banks say that they give clear and concise information on the charges and on their business policies. Macedonians feel that a new charge is imposed ... Read More »


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