SCOOP Summer Greetings 2014

Dear Colleagues,
Summer is on its way – time to read some good investigations, time to study a textbook on new research tools or time to participate in a summer school? This newsletter gives you some options to choose from!
But first: Please like us on Facebook! SCOOP’s Facebook page is updated with awards, investigations, events and ... Read More »

SCOOP looks forward to 2014

Dear SCOOP friends,
Happy New Year! We look forward to a new year with lots of good investigative journalism and new grants to support investigative journalists in some of the SCOOP countries.
2013 was “the year of the leaks”. For investigative journalists, it has meant a number of ground-breaking stories after the leaks about the extent of ... Read More »

Scoop/PAIR Newsletter: We Celebrate the First 10 Years

Dear subscribers,
These days Scoop can celebrate the first 10 years. The first meeting was in snowy Kyiv in the beginning January 2003, and immediately afterwards we launched a pilot project in Ukraine.
Since then the project has supported more than 400 investigations, won numerous awards, arranged two regional and one global conference and expanded from Ukraine ... Read More »

Scoop Newsletter Special Edition

Dear Subscriber,
Welcome to this special edition of Scoop’s newsletter about the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kyiv!
The web site is now open in both English and Russian – you can register here.
We intend to update the website 3-4 times a month and have confirmation from most speakers by now.
You can also follow GIJC more closely on ... Read More »

Scoop Newsletter December 2011, 20th Issue

Dear Subscriber,
Whether you went to the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kiev or not, this newsletter brings you important stories.
We offer you an in depth review of the global investigative journalism conference in Kyiv, an overview of who won what – and what the participants thought about the conference as a whole.
Kiev in our hearts!
A ... Read More »

Scoop Newsletter June 2011, 18th Issue

Dear Subscriber,
Once again we are pleased to announce you a brand new edition of our Scoop Newsletter with great Scoop-related news.
First of all we update you on the preparations for The Global Investigative Journalism Conference, and second of all, 2 Scoop-supported investigations won prizes.
Finally, as always, we inform you about our latest investigations, national seminars ... Read More »

Scoop Newsletter March 2011, 17th Issue

Dear Subscriber,
Welcome to this 17th issue of The Scoop Newsletter presenting you with lots of great Scoop-related news!
First of all we can proudly tell you about how things are moving on for our sister organisation Scoop Russia. Also several Scoop coordinators and members of the Danish management have contributed to the newest issue of the Nieman ... Read More »

Scoop Newsletter August 2011, 19th Issue – a Special One!

Dear Subscriber,
Welcome to this extraordinary Scoop newsletter on the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kiev, October 13th-16th 2011 - GIJC.
We bring you all the latest news on the work in progress from the one coordinating the whole thing: Henrik Kaufholz, co-founder of Scoop.
Mr. Kaufholz is highly optimistic and enthusiastic about the results of his work so ... Read More »

Scoop Newsletter January 2011, 16th Issue

Dear Subscriber,
Welcome to this 16th issue of The Scoop Newsletter and a very happy 2011!
Even though last year ended on a rather tough note for freedom of expression in general and investigative journalism in particular, we begin the year with positive stories about new ways of investigating the violence during Moldovan election and an invitation to ... Read More »

Scoop Newsletter November 2010, 15th Issue

Dear Subscriber,
Welcome to this 15th issue of The Scoop Newsletter. This time we have extraordinary news for you about a Scoop-supported investigation on a high profiled topic which gave higly surprising results, a thorough description of the situation of investigative journalism in Bosnia & Herzegovina and more awards for Scoop-supported investigations and Scoop-coordinators.
News from Scoop’s ... Read More »


SCOOP is a network and support structure for investigative journalists. SCOOP supports investigative journalism and provides national and international networks for media professionals who are conducting investigations. Since 2003 SCOOP has supported several hundred investigations and facilitated national and international contacts between journalists to investigate across borders and share experiences.
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