“Sentenced” to Freedom

Photo - Mosneag

In Moldova persons sentenced for serious crimes to tens of years of prison can buy their freedom with the help of lawyers who have influence on the judges and prosecutors. The journalists Victor Mosneag, Tatiana Etco and Nicolae Cuschevici revealed how the system functions .
In the past 3 years, about 60% of convicts were released ... Read More »

Transnistria – Europe’s hub of smuggling and trafficking


Only 170 kilometres away from the European Union’s eastern border there is a strip of land which for two decades has played chess with countries on three continents.
Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublika – or Transnistria – is a breakaway state of Republic of Moldova with no international recognition. A self-declared independent country, Transnistria is a nucleus of ... Read More »

Award to Scoop-supported reporter

Romanian Scoop-supported reporter Adrian Mogos from the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism won the 2010 Kurt Shorck award for local journalism. The story supported by Scoop is about poor people in the Eastern European contries being used as slaves.

Scoop-supported reporter wins Award for Outstanding Merits

Romanian journalist Adrian Mogos wins the CEI SEEMO Award for Outstanding Merits in Investigative Journalism 2010. Click here to read more about the investigations he has carried out, especially “The Fields of Terror” about the new slavery in the heart of Europe, which was supported by Scoop.

Romanian National Defence Strategy Describes Media as Security Threat

The President of Romania initiated a National Defence Strategy which contained, among other things, serious allegations against the media.

Scoop-coordinator receives award

Scoop-coordinator Stefan Candia (Romania) who is responsible for Moldovan and transnational investigations received a special mention in recognition of his valuable contribution to nvestigative journalism from the Central European Initiative and the South East Europe Media Organisation.

Slavery is still happening in Europe

Poor people are being lured from Eastern Europe to the Czech Republic for forced labour. Some of the worst gangsters are now on trial but there is no sign of this evil trade coming to an end. 
By Adrian Mogos in Holland and Ukraine, Petru Zoltan, Doru Cobuz in Czech Republic and Romania, Vitalie Călugăreanu in ... Read More »

Romanian Media Dinosaurs

The scandals that shattered the central press beginning with previous year were weirdly and differently interpreted. There are few who actually know and admit that Romania Libera, Evenimentul Zilei and Adevarul, were episodes of strong interests colliding with important financial stakes behind. Former owners used to fill in double positions, of economic managers and editors, felt they were about to lose their power and they reacted violently. The engine behind these manifestations is a state of facts kept secret and that we present it in premiere.

Power brokers

Power brokers looks at electricity trading issues in the Balkans at a time when more and more people get disconnected from the power lines in the region. The work was conducted by a team of journalists covering Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Enslaved children

A profitable labor market where underaged children are exploited is developing in the underground, firstly because valid legislation is not applied. Among direct consequences: all these children will turn into uneducated and untrained adults, and most will also turn into delinquents to survive.


SCOOP is a network and support structure for investigative journalists. SCOOP supports investigative journalism and provides national and international networks for media professionals who are conducting investigations. Since 2003 SCOOP has supported several hundred investigations and facilitated national and international contacts between journalists to investigate across borders and share experiences.
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