Train in Riga with the OCCRP

Young investigative journalists from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine are invited to apply for a free training course in Riga, hosted by the respected Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the Stockholm School of Economics – Riga Centre for Media Studies.
Called ”Journalism for Future Challenges,” the program will take place in 3 ... Read More »

New Website to Expose Corruption

Bribes and corruption is part of daily life in Moldova, but a new website gives citizens the opportunity to blow the whistle on bribery and bad behaviour from public officials.
The anti-corruption portal has been developed by the Center for Investigative Journalism as part of the Campaign “Zero Tolerance to Corruption! Be Active and Wall Up ... Read More »

“Paradise Island” is now suspended…


In 2009, Balti Mayor’s Office offered to the private company “Insula Paradisului” (Paradise Island) a land plot with the area of 3.42 ha for construction of residential settlement in Balti city (Republic of Moldova). For this, the company had to transfer for free 9% of the total area of 14,400 sq m into the ownership ... Read More »

The Judges from Hell

Moldova politivold 2

In April 2009, large demonstrations in the Moldovian capital Chisinau were met with very violent police. A team of investigative reporters interviewed 811 civilians, who were beaten.
The policemen ordered the arrested girls to take their clothes off and sit naked on the floor. The prosecutors (still in office) hit those arrested with the Criminal Procedure ... Read More »

Ticket to Ride – if You are Well Connected


New transport companies have had no chance of being allowed a bus route in the Moldovian city of Balti. The Mayor’s Office (ruled by Communist Party of Moldova) refused new companies on city routes, officially explained by “the passenger transportation scheme is filled up”. The reporter Marina Bzovaia discovered that the local officials were indirectly ... Read More »

Transnistria – Europe’s hub of smuggling and trafficking


Only 170 kilometres away from the European Union’s eastern border there is a strip of land which for two decades has played chess with countries on three continents.
Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublika – or Transnistria – is a breakaway state of Republic of Moldova with no international recognition. A self-declared independent country, Transnistria is a nucleus of ... Read More »

When Sand Is as Precious as Gold


The river Nistru at the borders of Ukraine, Moldova and the self-declared repuclic of Transnistria is small, but the sand on the bottom of it is as good as money, as the Moldovian reporter Natalia Barbier discovered.
In her report published in the newspaper ‘Panorama’ on May 24, 2011 she explains how conflicting laws made it ... Read More »

Illegal Auto Repair Shops Flourish in Moldova


In Balti city of Moldova, over 150 companies have permission to carry out the car repair works; however, tens of others work unofficially: without registration, without permission and … without obligations. The journalist Marina Bzovaia investigated the illegal car repair business in Balti.
The so-called “garage-based” car repair is flourishing in Balti due the imperfection of ... Read More »

Well timed Scoop-supported investigation on the massacre of Moldovan Twitter revolution

A Scoop-supported investigation spreads light on massacre during Twitter-revolution while court case takes place. PHOTO:

An investigation on the massacre during Moldovan revolution was published just the day before important court case.

New dirty election tricks

Moldova – a small republic between Romania and Ukraine – is now a testing ground for ‘dirty’ electric techniques. Despite bad ratings in opinion polls the Communist Party won the parliamentary elections on April 5th this year, but – as the investigation done by the two journalists Lilia Gurez and Igor Volnitchi shows – only due to new methods of election fraud.


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