SCOOP-supported Journalist Wins Prestigious Prizes in Croatia


Sergej Zupanic revealed how Croatia imported 11,677 tons of asbestos products, mostly from EU countries, even if both import and export of asbestos is banned in the EU. He also revealed how the control system was totally ineffective.
During this year, the investigative Croatian journalist Sergej Zupanic has won two prestigious Croatian awards for his investigative ... Read More »

Pulling out of the Balkans Media Market


The German media company WAZ is one of the strongest in Europe. But its entry in the Balkans was not so easy.
The work of WAZ in Serbia and Croatia is marked with media companies in debts, nontransparent business practice, ties to tycoons close to the state, tight connection with the governments, obsolete editorial policies and ... Read More »

Public Money for Holy Luxury


Many people in Osijek, Croatia, live in poverty – but not the nuns and priests of the Catholic Church. Few meters from a Caritas center for the poor, a building of archbishop vicarage is to be opened any time soon. It is a luxurious building of 5000 square meters, built partly for public – taxpayers’ ... Read More »

Croatia’s Richest Man under Scrutiny


How did Ivica Todorić become so powerful? He is the richest man in Croatia, but seldom in the public eye and very rarely critized. He is the owner of the Agrokor Group, the biggest manufacturer and retail vendor of food in Croatioa. The group also has a big influence on gas companies, mobile operators and ... Read More »

EU Countries Sell Banned Asbestos to Croatia


Asbestos is called “the silent killer”. It has been strictly banned in the EU since 2005 - to produce it, to sell it, to use it. Croatia adopted the same regulations a year later. But since then, asbestos has been imported to Croatia at least 275 times, and most of it came from EU countries.
The story ... Read More »

Drago Hedl receives award for Scoop-supported book about warlord Glavas

Croatian investigative reporter Drago Hedl has received the annual award for best nonfiction publication in Croatia 2010 for his book about Glavas, a Croatian right-wing politician and a convicted war criminal.

Scoop supported reporter awarded prize for investigation about pesticides

An example of “excellent investigative journalism” was the jury’s reason for giving the annual award of Croatian Journalist’s Association for the best features on environment to Scoop-supported reporter Kruno Kartus.

The downfall of the cult Radio 101

Zagreb Radio 101 was for decades considered to be a medium that speaks without compromise on corruption and other social anomalies. But as it seems within their walls they were ran completely contrary to that policy.

The truth about the Lipizzaner horses

In Croatia, where breeding of horses is part of a national program for conservation of domestic animals, a falsification of grades for the horses has been discovered – including trading in government subsidies, spending 30 million kunas on a non-existent database, and disregard for the health of the horses…

Vukovar Croats Were Tortured in Nis, Serbia

ФОТО: Бранимир Косеч, бывший приходской священник в Вуковаре, был захвачен Югославской армией в ноябре 1991 года и находился в плену наряду с многими другими хорватами.

From mid-November 1991 to late February 1992, more than 400 Croatian civilians and soldiers were imprisoned in a camp in Nis, where at least one person died. Three former prisoners told Scoop’s reporter they personally experienced brutal treatment in the Nis detention camp.


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