Two SCOOP stories receive awards in Macedonia

The Macedonian Institute for media has awarded two investigative stories supported by SCOOP in competition with 146 stories for the annual award “Best investigative story for 2011”. SCOOP’s coordinator for Macedonia, Zaklina Hadzi-Zafirova together with Stanimir Vaglenov from the newspaper “24 chasa”, Bulgaria, have been awarded with special recognition for outstanding journalistic achievement in the ... Read More »

How to Become a Bulgarian Overnight


Macedonians hold the record for speedy acquisition of Bulgarian passports. They obtain the citizenship within a year at most, which is much less than the time for citizens of other countries. There are not any strict conditions. Only a few documents and a statement about one’s “Bulgarian national awareness”…
Before, mediators applied for others, but now ... Read More »

Scoop-supported Gold-mine-investigation recieves award

Scoop-supported reporter Nevena Panayotova, Bulgaria, has just received the James Bourchier Special Award for Journalistic Excellence for the Bulgarian articles from the gold mining investigation.

What the Mayor Candidates owned

A Bulgarian journalists asked a formerly not-asked question: What do the mayor candidates own, and who are their business partners? A series of articles showed everything in between candidates with everyday property and candidates with highly interesting business connections.

The export of under-aged pickpockets

The incredible adventures of the Bulgarian pickpockets in Europe – Gipsy clans are storming the world.

A Prostitute in Italy

This is the story of Iliana Dimitrova from Vratza town, forced by her boyfriend to become a prostitute. A joint international investigation of “24 hours” daily and “168 hours” weekly revealed the scheme for transforming Bulgarian girls into white slaves in Italy.

Corruption at Bulgarian election

Journalists Stanimir Vaglenov and Kristina Krasteva of daily newspaper 24 Hours/24 casa in Sofia/Bulgaria describe the the corruption in connection with the Bulgarian local elections for which they were awarded a prize by a Bulgarian anti-corruption NGO.

Kidneys for sale

Uncovering an Israeli channel of semi-legal kidney transplants leads to Bulgaria

Cigarette Smuggling Business

Before the Olympiad in Greece Illegal import of cigarettes yields of 500 % revenues and is the most winning sport event at the games in Athens.

Power brokers

Power brokers looks at electricity trading issues in the Balkans at a time when more and more people get disconnected from the power lines in the region. The work was conducted by a team of journalists covering Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.


SCOOP is a network and support structure for investigative journalists. SCOOP supports investigative journalism and provides national and international networks for media professionals who are conducting investigations. Since 2003 SCOOP has supported several hundred investigations and facilitated national and international contacts between journalists to investigate across borders and share experiences.
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