Russian Journalist Banned from her Work and Fined

Russian journalist Oksana Panova has been banned from her work and fined 300,000 rubles after critizising local government.
OSCE Media Freedom Representative Dunja Mijatovic expressed her concern over the sentence in the following terms : “I am appalled by today’s court decision to ban Panova from working as a journalist. It marks a worrying trend for ... Read More »

Pulling out of the Balkans Media Market


The German media company WAZ is one of the strongest in Europe. But its entry in the Balkans was not so easy.
The work of WAZ in Serbia and Croatia is marked with media companies in debts, nontransparent business practice, ties to tycoons close to the state, tight connection with the governments, obsolete editorial policies and ... Read More »

Court for High-profile Crimes Under Pressure

Special Prosecutors Office RS in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was formed to prosecute organized crime, and by jurisdiction it was supposed to deal with criminal acts for which the minimal prison sentence is over five years in prison. But in practice the result is a line of failed charges and aborted investigations, where the suspects were persons ... Read More »

Flooded Farmers Must Wait for Justice


Huge damages from floods have been a annual occurence for people in Popovo Polje, mainly Ravno municipality, in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Eight years after the first complaints were filed, the court system has done nothing.
The water rises, when the excess water is let out of accumulations of Trebišnjica river. The inhabitants have filed ... Read More »

A Deal that Cost Republika Srpska 27 million USD


When the Government of Republika Srpska decided to sell the oil sector to a Russian company, the Governments’ commission got free hands from the RS National Assembly to determine the settlement with the numerous creditors of the refinery.
One of these was the British Vitol, who in the previous years had contract with the refinery. After ... Read More »

Paying Other People’s Debts

About 150,000 Bosnians are every month paying other people’s bank loans, estimates say. When someone doesn’t honor the monthly payments, banks often go for the endorser rather than the original loantaker.
The estimates are showing that currently (end of 2011) in BiH some 150.000 are paying other people’s loans. During last two years around 5000 endorsers ... Read More »

Hunt for a Dutch Grave in Srebrenica


Former Dutch UN peacekeepers and survivors of the July 1995 Srebrenica massacre allege that during the fall of the UN-declared ‘safe haven’ Dutch soldiers buried at least five adults and one baby in a grave inside the Dutch UN compound in Potocari.
Sixteen years later, as both former Dutch soldiers and Srebrenica survivors and relatives recall ... Read More »

Balkans car stealing mafia

The car-stealing business is doing extremely well in the Balkans.

In the aftermath of the fall of Iron curtain and falling of Yugoslavia the Balkans have become favorable for growing criminal activities of any kind. The years of constant turbulence were used to generate one of the best-created networks of organized crime.

How to become a real military invalid

War veterans in Bosnia & Herzegovina seem to grow in number… This is why municipalities suspect that fraud is going on in terms of acquisition of medical documentation.

Water creates wars

Photo: Andrej Ginovski.

The rich amounts of water in the Balkans is not only a source of life but also a constant reason for corruption and wars – read the fascinating investigations by Aleksandar Pisarev on the topic here.


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