Land Scandals in Pskov’s Border District

The properties around Lake Peipus in the Pskov district are attractive. Who gets them? Reporter Maksim Andreev took a closer look in this investigation.

The distribution of land along the shore of Lake Peipus in the Gdovsk District of Russia’s Pskov Province is the topic for Maksim Andreev’s investigation. In his project the reporter found out how, to whom, and under what circumstances elite properties were handed out. The situation surrounding the gratuitous distribution of land along the shores of Lake Peipus has already been brought to the attention of law enforcement.

In 2013, a document was passed with the name of “The Status of the Order to Hand Out Land from the Fund for Redistribution of Land Belonging to the Gdovsk District Municipality, to Companies and Individual Enterprises for the Purpose of Agricultural Production.” The gist of it is simple: companies and individual enterprises interested in taking up agriculture in the municipality’s territory can receive free unclaimed land previously belonging to kolkhozi, collective farms. But in practice, the properties are located on the coast of Lake Peipus were never used for agricultural production.

The story is Maksim Andreev’s fourth investigation in the Scoop Russia project. The investigation “A Gdovsk Anomaly” was published in Pskovinform.

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