Russia Bars Ukrainian Journalist for 5 Years

The Russian Federation has denied the Ukrainian journalist Oleg Khomenok entry into the country for the next five years.

The decision was made 25th of September, and the short notice from the “Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation” refers to an article 27 which states that “Entry into theRussian Federation for a foreign citizen or a stateless person is not allowed in the following cases:

1) it is necessary in order to ensure the defense or national security, or public order, or the protection of public health”.

Oleg Khomenok is the national coordinator for SCOOP in Ukraine and has also assisted colleagues in Belarus, where he in March this year was refused entry at the border and had to go back to Ukraine. Belarus and Russiacooperate in border control, and Mr. Khomenok was then also refused admission into the Russian enclave Kaliningrad, where SCOOP had a seminar, on 29th of October.

The Danish Association for Investigative Journalism, which together with International Media Support, has managed SCOOP – a support  structure for investigative journalists in the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia – since 2003, has protested to the Russian authorities. Investigative reporting is absolutely no threat to Russian “national security, public order or public health”.

See the letter from FSB to Oleg Khomenok

More info: or the Danish coordinator for SCOOP Ukraine, Henrik Kaufholz