What’s happening in SCOOP and in the world of investigative journalism.

Cleaning up Media Rumours

An investigation based on the terrifying descriptions of the fate of children from an orphanage in the war stroke city of Sarajevo turned out to be a happy story. Read the interview that member of Danish Scoop-management Claus Vittus did with Dario Novalic, instructor of the Scoop-supported documentary “If You are watching this, Mum”. The documentary will be shown on September 10th at The 5th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer, Norway.

New Record in Lillehammer

At the Global Investigative Journalism Conference the highest number of nations ever was represented: the participants came to Norway from 86 countries. All together 500 reporters gathered to discuss journalism and investigations on September 11th to 14th. At the conference several Scoop-supported reporters presented their findings.

Boom in the number of centres for investigative reporting

The worldwide practice of investigative reporting has grown dramatically over the past 20 years in all parts of the world, e.g. Brazil, China, and India. Investigative reporter and director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, David E. Kaplan, shares the results of his survey on investigative journalism with Scoop-readers.

Moldowan investigative journalists win second indstance of case brought against them by Rezina Town Hall

After unveiling wrongdoings and abuses in a local administration in Moldowa, journalists and their media were sued by the local mayor. During the course of the litigation the mayor declared, that he wished to spend the damages to be paid by the journalists on a local bath house. The case was declared groundless in first instance earlier this year, now also the second instance court has found the mayors accusations to be groundless.

Scoop on fact finding mission in Armenia and Georgia

Members of the Danish Scoop management, Henrik Kaufholz and Solveig Gram Jensen, went on a trip to the two Caucasian countries Armenia and Georgia on July 7 to July 11.

Scoop seminar in Croatia

On May 24, 10 investigative journalists from all over Croatia and with various backgrounds such as photographing, local reporting and national TV attended a national seminar in Zagreb. The seminar was also attended by Danish coordinator of Scoop, Claus Vittus. The journalists shared experiences with each other in order to discuss common practices and problems […]

Scoop has a new manager

Journalist and many year active member of Scoop-management Brigitte Alfter is now the new manager of Scoop. Brigitte is the Brussels correspondent for Danish daily newspaper Information, and has been covering European affairs for years. She is also knowledgeable on European freedom of information acts as journalistic tools and runs a website on the subject. […]

Investigative reporters rearm in Budapest

More than 130 investigative reporters from the Balkans and Eastern Europe attended the second regional conference for investigative journalism in Budapest.

Porn photographer claims he is innocent

Prize-winning Scoop-supported investigation is being accused of giving false information about child pornography.

Scoop sends letter of protest to the Albanian Prime Minister

The management of Scoop has sent a letter of protest to the Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, in order to show our support with Albanian editor Besar Likmeta who got brutally attacked by Member of the Albanian Parliament Tom Doshi during an interview earlier this month. Prior to the interview Besar Likmeta had revealed that Tom Doshi’s university degree was fake, and the interview was a possibility for the MP to explain himself.

SCOOP holds a conference in Budapest

Would you like to meet a colleague, that…
– has been working undercover in a Belo-Russian orphanage
– has tried to track a terrorist
– was forced to leave her country because of an investigation?
– exposed university teachers issuing fake diplomas
– did cross-border investigations in a team, where participants needed interpreter to speak with each other?

Four more years for Scoop

Scoop will continue four more years. Money has been allocated by the Danish Foreign Ministry to continue Scoop as part of the media activities in the Neighbourhood Programme in the years 2008-2012. The formal and final confirmation of the next four year period is expected in Copenhagen this autumn.